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If you don’t believe in paranormal events, meet the people from White Hill.
It’s been years since all but the daughter in the Smiths’ family were found murdered horrifically. People, however, are now getting antsy as more than one witnesses have seen the silhouette of a little girl standing in the house. James, a bright and eager investigator, has taken the matter in his hands to finally reveal the truth of the horrible night all those years ago. 

- You play as James, an intelligent detective who is trying to get to the bottom of the paranormal events happening in Smiths' Manor at White Hill.

- Dive into an emotional and thrilling experience while solving puzzles and persisting through nerve-racking scenarios.

- Listen to breath-taking soundtracks as you’re traversing through the terrifying residence of the Smiths' in a beautiful pixel art style.

- Enjoy the atmospheric storytelling as you unfold the mystery by completing all 6 chapters.

Official Site: www.ellen-game.com

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Contact: hello@redmountmedia.com

Published Mar 21, 2018
StatusIn development
PublisherRed Mount Media
AuthorsRed Mount Media, Invoker
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Atmospheric, Dark, demo, Detective, Horror, indie, Mystery, Pixel Art, Story Rich
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller
AccessibilityConfigurable controls


Demo_Ellen_0.2.0_PC.zip 47 MB
Ellen_Demo_0.2.0_Mac.zip 51 MB

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Loved the visual style and atmosphere! Definitely going to keep an eye out for the full release! Here's me playing through it! :D

I loved the atmosphere and the sounds from this game! I can't wait for the full release!

Oooh, well this mystery is certainly mysterious! This is a great little demo, it really whets the appetite and leaves me wanting to know what happens next!

The style is great. I'm loving this old school revival, utilising the pixelated look, and the side-scrolling adventure game feel is awesome! The only little thing I had issues with was not realising that you have to press E to move between screens. I was wandering around like an idiot (which is nothing new for me to be honest haha!) for a while before I figured that one out!

Keep up the awesome work everyone, can't wait to dive back into this one once there's more to be uncovered =)


 ฅ/ᐠ。ᆽ。ᐟ \  ~Hello~

There were definitely a lot of strengths in the demo. The setting,  lighting, and visuals meshed well together and created a perfect setting. I can't stress the importance of plot enough, so providing a backstory involving unsolved murders and spirits was also a great start. It reeled me in as it basically set the tone for what the game will be about. The biggest complaint I have, however, is the backtracking.

I've noticed other Let's Players comment on it already, so I'm sure by now I'm just regurgitating what's been said before. Backtracking essentially decreased the tension of the game for me. I think it'd be great to replace sections of it with puzzles instead. Puzzles, cutscenes, lore, or basically anything that contributes to actual gameplay or plot. It's important to maintain feelings of dread.

Aside from that, the concepts you've showcased in the demo show great potential. It's just the gameplay itself that may be a little lacking here, so hopefully our suggestions can help you form new ideas. 

Overall, the demo needs a bit more polishing, but the concepts are great. With that said, I wish you the best of luck with game development as I think you're definitely on to creating something big with this.


Hiya, I'll start this off by saying that I did have some fun with the demo here, but it wasn't all sunshine and roses. 

I'll start off with what I enjoyed about it. It's visually appealing, the pixelated art style suites the game nicely and it's presentation is great. The story seems quite interesting given the little bit of exposition at the start, and the little clues scattered throughout the game. The atmosphere is a little bit tense, which is good given that this is meant to be a horror game of sorts. That about sums up what I enjoyed in the demo.

Now for some things I didn't quite enjoy about the experience. The backtracking, I don't know too many people who enjoy running back and forth between the same areas in search of the next plot progression point and it was certainly something that stood out as a problem to me. Given that this is only a demo, where the entire play session is only around 10 minutes, a fair chunk of that is filled with backtracking, looking for the next item/object to trigger the next event, but hey, what do I know about game design right? Next up is the flashlight, it's utterly useless in the current state. Made further useless by the fact that sprinting cancels it completely, this one is more of a minor thing to me. That's about all that I can say that I didn't like.

At the end of the day, you have an interesting idea here. A mysterious story, great art style, and a tense atmosphere, all the workings for a great horror game. Given that this is only a small chunk of the game the backtracking isn't a huge issue, however I don't believe that this segment was the absolute best way to showcase your game and get people interested in it. I will keep an eye out for the full release of the game, but if the demo is any indication of what the full release will provide...let's just say I'm not going to hold my breath for it.

I, like many others here already, recorded a short let's play of the demo for my channel, hope you don't mind.


It's a great gaming concept, but definitely needs some more time and development. The atmosphere is on point, but the execution of scares is missed. I kept expecting something to happen when nothing did. There should be a monster chasing the character after blood covers the door from the cat's death to prompt them to sprint to the open door at the end of the long corridor; also, the flashlight needs to be better implemented. I could not use my flashlight the entire time and be perfectly fine with seeing my environment, which is not how a flashlight should work. The demonic bunnies at the end were really cool, and I wish I had seen them more instead of just at the demo's finale. There's a lot of great stuff here though, despite the kinks, and I'm excited for the eventual full release to see how the game improved, and what really happened to the family on White Hill! As it stands for a demo, 6/10 (but I'm betting that score will go up with the game's full release).

Very nice. A great atmosphere and I am already intrigued by the story. 

Gave it a go...

Amazing game, i have to say you rly pulled off the pixelated art style, not to mention great atmosphere and music. Can't wait for the full release!


Not bad, the art is really good, the walking is really slow, considering having to walk across the map multiple times to progress.  The flashlight seemed all but pointless.  I didn't actually realize this was a horror game, so that was an interesting surprise, horror and detective combined is an interesting concept.  Most of the "jump scares" were fairly predictable, nice touch with the cockroach though.  I'm intrigued enough to want to see where you go with this, the thing that I have to complain about some is the lack of puzzles, as this was more or less 2D walking simulator, I'm hopeful that there are some puzzles to have to figure out as you release more.  Nice work though overall.  

I really love the kinda old school pixel art. The audio in this game really projects the atmosphere and horror elements of the game. Looking forward to the full game!

Great Concept ! Really Got chills while playing it! Can't wait for full version! :)


I loved how you did the jump scare surprises it really actually got me twice! Pixel art can be hard  to pull off but, you did it very well. The only thing I was confused on was the first part with the thing on the floor. Couldn't tell if it was a coat, a dog, or what! I'm glad you did the art style this way though for some reason I just felt like it was more immersive the way you presented it!

This game was amazing! I really wasn't expecting this much from a pixelated side-scroller horror game! I'm not saying that the genre is bad or anything, but they're not usually this immersive! The atmosphere, the colors and the sounds were all so pleasant and I loved every second of it. The animation was super precise and very smooth! I have no complaints about this game and I can't wait for the full release!


I absolutely love this so far! I can't wait for the full game to come out. I did a let's play and I hope you don't mind if I link it here. :) 

Your game play very much fun and thank you for your feedback!
The game will be released very soon, we are working hard on it ^


I really love what you have here! I'm very excited to see what you do with the rest of the game! I played the game on my channel and really had a good time!

Thank you for playing Ellen, we really enjoyed watching you play ^^ 

One of the best game play videos yet.


The demo is really amazing! Can't wait for the full release!
Greetings from Germany :D